More legal guns trained on Ian Thow, Berkshire Investment Group

August 1, 2005

Ian Gregory Thow's legal woes continue to escalate. Since last edition of the Business Examiner, Thow and his former employer Berkshire Investment Group have been named defendants in a number of additional civil actions. All the while, Thow was maneuvering to place himself in bankruptcy. His numerous creditors were having none of it - filing their own notice at the Vancouver Courthouse with the intent of forcing Thow into bankruptcy themselves and having a trustee of their own choice appointed. The B.C. Supreme Court was expected to deliver a ruling on the matter as the Business Examiner was going to press.


The Business Examiner has also learned that Thow has retained a public relations professional. However, Andrew Pottinger, principal of West Vancouver's A. J. Pottinger & Associates Ltd., did not return calls.


Thow's British Columbia Securities Commission registration through Berkshire was terminated on June 1. Thow's departure and legal troubles, including being the subject of an RCMP investigation, revolve around his alleged sale of share in the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica.