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Norman Gidney
November 21, 1998

Ian Thow has surfaced after his surprise departure from Investors Group, where he was Victoria area manager since 1993. Next month, he's opening a local office of Berkshire Investment Group. Toronto- based Berkshire has offices in Vancouver, Prince George, Kelowna and Courtenay. Thow will be vice-president for B.C. and expects the Victoria operation will be the largest in the province.

It's a Canadian-owned brokerage firm and sells the AIC group of mutual funds, affiliated with the "buy-and-hold" investment philosophy of Warren Buffett, the U.S. multibillionaire owner of Berkshire Hathaway.

Also joining Thow from Investors are his wife Teresa Thow, longtime assistant Marilyn Moss and Jeanie Stacey. He's also recruiting other brokers for Berkshire. "We're looking for high-end financial planners who have experience."

Berkshire offices will be on the second floor at 730 View St., in St. Andrew's Square, an office that should be open by mid-December, Thow says. It's just a short walk from the offices of Investors Group, where he spent 12 1/2 years, before his sudden departure two weeks ago.

"I'm still a client of Investors and hold them in high regard," says Thow. As for his old clients at Investors, "if people want to come, they know where I am. I'm not going to contact them."



Ian Thow takes flight